1.23.16 Dani + Alex

by / Tuesday, 06 September 2016 / Published in Real Weddings

Dani & Alex had an absolutely stunning January wedding at the point this past January. With a few nod’s to a favorite Disney movie and a vintage lounge set by Crystal and Crates the venue was the perfect backdrop to the start of their love story. Crickets PhotographyPhotography_0909 Crickets PhotographyPhotography_0910 Crickets PhotographyPhotography_0911 Crickets PhotographyPhotography_0912 Crickets PhotographyPhotography_0913 Crickets PhotographyPhotography_0914 Crickets PhotographyPhotography_0915 Crickets PhotographyPhotography_0916 Crickets PhotographyPhotography_0917 Crickets PhotographyPhotography_0918 Crickets PhotographyPhotography_0919 Crickets PhotographyPhotography_0920 Crickets PhotographyPhotography_0921 Crickets PhotographyPhotography_0922 Crickets PhotographyPhotography_0923 Crickets PhotographyPhotography_0932Crickets PhotographyPhotography_0924Crickets PhotographyPhotography_0925Crickets PhotographyPhotography_0926Crickets PhotographyPhotography_0927Crickets PhotographyPhotography_0928Crickets PhotographyPhotography_0929Crickets PhotographyPhotography_0930Crickets PhotographyPhotography_0931


Cake | Patti Albin

Caterer | Two Chicks and a Pot

Entertainment | DJ Rey

Florist & Wedding Coordinator | Blue Ribbon Weddings

Photographer | Cricket’s Photography

Rentals | Crystal and Crates Vintage Rentals