Our Vintage Glam Farm Wedding On…

Wednesday, 14 September 2016 by

Glamour & Grace! How fun is it to relive Gabbie & Jeremy’s vintage chic wedding – especially when it is published by Glamour & Grace! We have been patiently waiting for this one to go live. There were so many elements that we just absolutely loved – the vintage fireplace mantel for the altar, their

How else would you celebrate a 9 year wedding anniversary than with a 1948 Ford Truck, bicycle built (both rentals from our sister company Crystal & Crates!) for two and 8 acres with beautiful oak trees and Spanish moss? We loved having these two on the grounds with the absolutely amazingly talented Kati Rosado to help

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Technology + Weddings = …

Tuesday, 13 September 2016 by

#Love! Like it or not technology & social media are here to stay. Even if you have politely opted out of joining the masses on Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter/LinkedIn/Google+/Pinterest/Tumbler/Flickr/Reddit (those are just the top 10…there are many, many more!) you are sure to have come across it at some point. Its everywhere (surprisingly I just searched my #Starbucks

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1.23.16 Dani + Alex

Tuesday, 06 September 2016 by

Dani & Alex had an absolutely stunning January wedding at the point this past January. With a few nod’s to a favorite Disney movie and a vintage lounge set by Crystal and Crates the venue was the perfect backdrop to the start of their love story.  VENDORS Cake | Patti Albin Caterer | Two Chicks