12.9.16 Megan + Michael

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Wedding Dress: Noun \ wed·ding dress \ˈwe-diŋ ˈdres\ An unforgettable garment that is far beyond a piece of clothing; a dress a girl dreams of (often from a young age); what a bride will wear on the day she begins a lifelong commitment with her soulmate; an outfit fit to make a lady feel like

What to Pack

Tuesday, 18 April 2017 by

With so many little things to think about and plan out for your wedding we wanted to share a little “insiders” information with you. After chatting with Lisa (the movement behind and namesake of Lisa Marshall Photography) – a regular at Up the Creek – we came up with a fool proof list of what to

10.23.16 Deanna + Matthew

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After a couple days of rain sprinkles here in central Florida, we are bringing some sun to the blog! The Sunflower, known as a symbol of adoration, loyalty, faith, and longevity, is certainly one happy-go-lucky flower. They always follow the light. Sunflowers move to face the sun directly as it drifts across the sky each