Engagement Season is Upon Us

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 And we are in love!

We are thrilled to be heading into one of our favorite seasons of the year! Yes we love the holidays and spending time with the ones we love but there is another element that brings us such joy this time of year. ENGAGEMENTS!!! Call us suckers, call us softies but there is no denying it – we love engagement season and the stories that come with it!

If you follow us on social media (tisk tisk if you don’t already – you can find us @upthecreekfarms on Facebook and Insta) share a photo and the story of your engagement with #UTCFEngagementStories – you just might see it in next months newsletter! We will be sharing ours as well <3

If you are newly engaged or you have friends that have gone from dating to engaged this is the place to be! We have the perfect little handbook on how to navigate the waters now that there is a new piece of jewelry added to the mix!

Step 1: The big question has been asked and the answer was YES!

Liz Cowie Photography

Liz Cowie Photography

The hard part is over, right? Well, it all depends on how you look at it – you can either immediately jump into wedding planning mode or do as we suggest and take a hot minute to enjoy this time of being a “NEC” (newly engaged couple…duh!). As a new member to the NEC group (your time here wont last long) you get to reminisce on your past lives and how you got to this point. Think of the things that brought you together, your families and friends and the parts they played in your lives leading up to the big question – shhh, you are kind of wedding planning at this but you wont even know it, promise! Bask in the glow of this new and exciting adventure you are about to embark on and when you are ready to get down and dirty and switch into wedding planning couple head on into the next group of the “WPC’s”. Some people will spend just that hot minute as an NEC and some will spend years before they take the next step – everyone moves at different paces and there is no right or wrong timeline!

OK – so step 2 of what to do now that you are engaged – spread the word! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do us one huge favor and do not put out an Instagram blast of your newest piece of jewelry without letting the key players in your life know. There is nothing worse than finding out that your sister is getting married through social media (ok, lets go back to the everyone moves at different paces – every couple is different and family dynamics are different as well, just make sure you either have a phone call or visit with the people who mean the most to you before sending out the bling!). Once those folks are in the know then a very tasteful photo or line can be sent into the social media webs to fill in the rest of the world.


Step 3. Get that bling sized & insured! Nothing is worse than hearing stories of how the ring disappeared because the sizing was off! Many moons ago when I was asked the big question we went fishing the next day. I had to tape the ring to my finger so it wouldn’t cast off – not a great look but it worked until I could get to my jeweler to make sure it didn’t got for a swim with the fishes! If its insured (please just insure it) and it does take a swim at least you have some help than being out the full cost!

Don't make fun, we caught bigger fish!

Don’t make fun, we caught bigger fish!

Step 4. Talk about dates – you will be asked a few questions when you see people when you are first engaged. 1. Let me see the ring and 2. Whens the big day? – Its like asking a new mom “when are you planning to have another kid?”, you might not be ready to have the exact answer but having a general idea is a great start and it will appease the asker. So if you can pick a month, time or year or even a year you are on the right track.


Caroline Nicole Photography

Step 5. Time to start talking about how you see your wedding. Do you see your entire neighborhood from when you were 5 or an intimate event with just the key players? Will it be outside or inside (we can do both!), rustic/glam/modern/whimsical (we can do all and more!), ect. OH, you see it at a farm, with sprawling grounds covered by oak trees – I have the perfect place, we will have to talk! Just make sure its not a one-sided conversation!

Kati Rosado Photography

Kati Rosado Photography

Step 6. Budget – before you start looking at vendors you HAVE to set a budget, there is nothing worse than hearing that couple wants and plans on X but were wayyyyy out of their budget and are in debt up to their eyeballs and are beyond stressed about funds that they cant enjoy what is supposed to be the happiest day or that they have to settle for Y and are never quite happy knowing what X was. Check out our budget blog post to help plan for the little things that you might not think of outside of the big ones (venue, catering, photography etc.). Make a list of the big ticket vendors in order of importance to you. Some couples are less interested in the food and want to spend the bulk of the budget on the photographer that they have been semi stalking on Instragram while others could do without a photographer all together (we would never recommend that but everyone is different, right!?) and are major foodies and that is what the budget goes to. Just make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Step 7. Start looking into vendors. Obviously the venue is a no brainer 🙂 but if you set the date for the busy season make sure you lock down the important vendors first, photo, florist, catering will all book quickly.


Kathy Thomas Photography

Step 8. Our last step and possibly the most important – plan time for you and you fiancé to do the things that made you fall in love without any wedding talk. It is so easy to get lost as a WPC and forget to spend time with each other without talking about color palates and what Crystal and Crates items you MUST have (I know you are dying for that royal blue sofa in a lounge area!). Once the wedding is over you are going to fall back on the things pre-wedding so make it a little easier on yourselves and leave wedding planning at home a few times a week.

Bumby Photography

Bumby Photography

Congrats on the engagement and happy planning!


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