Megan and Dalton had a vintage inspired wedding complete with heirloom cameras, clocks and birdcages! Another nod to the past that the two brought into their December wedding was a family tradition – a Scottish Wrapping.

Now, when they first told me that this was part of the ceremony I will admit I just went along with it and kept the meeting going. Then when we were done I quickly Googled what it was…only to find that Google seems to think it is really just Scottish people singing rap songs! I must say that although some of the songs were pretty good, Megan & Dalton’s take on a Scottish Wrapping was much better than Googles! The tradition has been passed along to the men in Dalton’s family. When one of them gets married the father presents them with a scarf of the families colors which the groom then ties around his new brides waist as a welcoming to the family. See, much better than what Google said!

This wedding was full of the delicate details that make us swoon and the portraits of the newlyweds will make you weak in the knees!Jessica Bellinger Photography_0296Jessica Bellenger Photography_0301Jessica Bellenger Photography_0300Jessica Bellinger Photography_0299Jessica Bellinger Photography_0298Jessica Bellinger Photography_0297Jessica Bellinger Photography_0312Jessica Bellinger Photography_0303Jessica Bellinger Photography_0304Jessica Bellinger Photography_0306Jessica Bellinger Photography_0308Jessica Bellinger Photography_0309Jessica Bellinger Photography_0310Jessica Bellinger Photography_0314Jessica Bellinger Photography_0316Jessica Bellinger Photography_0313Jessica Bellinger Photography_0318Jessica Bellinger Photography_0311Jessica Bellinger Photography_0317Jessica Bellinger Photography_0321Jessica Bellinger Photography_0320Jessica Bellinger Photography_0319Jessica Bellinger Photography_0315


Caterer & Cake | Downtown Catering

Entertainment | DJ Shane Entertainment

Florals | Violets In Bloom

Brides Makeup | Kinna Dry Bar

Photographer | Jessica Bellinger Photography

Rentals | Crystal & Crates

Transportation | Brevard Executive Transportation