To start 2016 the blog officially opened with a beautiful maternity styled shoot – now we are on to a very special little girls 1st birthday brunch (and yes I may be a little biased because she belongs to me!). If you are a diligent follower of the blog you may remember seeing a Lilly Pulitzer-esk…it’s a word, trust me!…first birthday for my oldest that we had at here at Up the Creek Farms – a perk of knowing the right people! We loved the photos that Liz Cowie took for Kayla’s birthday and the beautiful weddings she has shot here (have you checked out the cover of our E-Brochure, thats one of hers!) we knew we had to have her back!

Having CL’s birthday here was also a given, she has been working weddings here since before she was born and still gets to come help set on the occasion.


Due to a typical one-uping of her Uncle Toodles and his Ironman endeavors she even got to have her birthday dinner at UTCF, Max & Parker both considered it a win when the birthday tarp came out for cake time!

KSwayze Photography_0050

When we pull up to the Decklan House for a random weekday dinner with Jess and Tim she gets so excited she runwaddles (again, I promise its a word. If you have a toddler you know what I am talking about!) in the door, blows right past the dogs and heads straight to the stairs – every kids dream playground is an endless set of padded stairs! Basically she comes in like she owns the place and has been known to give a glance or two to Jess & Tim to remind them of that fact (even if their ideas on babysitting are putting babies in a pot – her 2nd favorite place to go in the house now…thanks Uncle Tiiiim!)

KSwayze Photography_0051

I love that our girls get to live in this world of beauty, creativity and passion that is Up the Creek Farms, Crystal & Crates (mention that you want a lace teepee and Mrs. Tuten and Jess make it happen without blinking an eye because every girl needs a lace teepee to smash a cake under right…right?!) and the other amazing vendors that we work with. Thanks for letting her be apart of the magic – Happy Birthday Cordelia!

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