We think everyone can agree that 2016 was a wild ride! A huge standout for us was the major hurricane that was beelining for our beautiful coast and we manage to sneak out with minor yard pickup! It gave us all a big scare – you know its going to be big when Jim Cantore shows up but we all breathed a sigh of relief when they moved him out of town!

Just in our Up the Creek family alone we welcomed a handsome baby boyIMG_2870 (thanks Jen for giving us something so sweet to love on!)U-7 a new family member (welcome Briana!),

Lizan engagement (congrats to Liz and Charles!),JTWed418and a wedding (yay Jess & Tim!!!)! Needless to say our family life was very exciting – not to mention that we celebrated many weddings with all of you!

Just like a parent with their children we just can’t pick a favorite wedding but we wanted to share some of our favorite moments & details with you from this past year. Do you have a favorite moment from this past year at Up the Creek – share it with #UTCFfamily so we can all relive the fun!

Vitalic Photography

Vitalic Photography

Crickets Photography

Crickets Photography

Crickets PhotographyPhotography_0922

Sara Blackwell Photography

Sara Blackwell Photography

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Webster Weddings Photography

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Matthew Hayford Photography


Concept Photography

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M. Alexander Photography

Webster Wedding Photography_0653

Webster Wedding Photography

Lacey Irving Photography_0504

Lacey Irving Photography

Lisa Marshall Photography_0743

Lisa Marshall Photography

Vitalic Photography_0996

Vitalic Photography


Magnolia and Magpie Photography


Magnolia and Magpie Photography

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That First Moment Photography

Revelo Photography_1155

Revelo Photography

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Erica Diaz Photography

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Brittany Naylor Photography

Jessica Billenger Photography_0299

Jessica Billenger Photography

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Jessica Billenger Photography

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VItalic Photography

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Kati Rosado Photography

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Amalie Orrange Photography

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Concept Photography