Welcome to an amazingly beautiful April wedding at UTCF! Lynette and Chris wanted to embrace the natural/outdoor element that you feel as soon as you step under the oaks. This wedding was overflowing with traditions and family touches- the photo of the three dresses are the Brides, Mother of the Bride and Grandmother of the Bride’s wedding dresses! There was a very spirited tie cutting, too cute for words flower girls and ring bearers and a wall of lanterns at the ceremony just to name a few! Enjoy!!


I am a sucker for the traditions (if you haven’t figured that out already!!) our brides bring to their weddings. Lynette was able to fill me in on theirs!

“We both felt it was really important to incorporate our family’s heritage into our wedding day. Chris’s family is very German, and his grandparents lived there until after they were married and moved to the States. So for the German tradition, we did the German Bridal Cup. The story goes that whoever finishes their water first will rule the roost, of course the bride having the much smaller cup….the groom doesn’t stand a chance. My grandparents were missionaries in Brazil, so that’s where my dad was raised and met my mother, who lived there until after my brother and sister were toddlers. For this we did a Brazilian cutting the tie tradition, where you take the groom’s tie around to the guests and offer a piece of the tie, which is good luck, in exchange for money, to help out with honeymoon expenses….kind of the same idea as the dollar dance.

 The lipstick thing my brother did….is not a tradition at all. It’s complete bs lol. My brother and Chris have a very joking relationship and they’re constantly pranking each other…there are no boundaries lol. But made for hilarious pictures :)” – Lynette

REALLY!!!?? These two are way to much for me, and I love it and want more of it!!

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