Boathouse Bellini - Lisa Marshall Photography

Every great place has a signature drink. You wouldn’t go to Holiday Isle in the Keys and not order a Rum Runner, or head to Kentucky around the Derby and indulge on a Mint Julep. So we decided it was time to join the ranks and have a drink of our own! Meet the newest member to the Up the Creek Family – the Boathouse Bellini (appropriately named by the one and only Mrs. Tuten)!

A simple yet refreshing twist on the classic mimosa with an extra hint of bubbles! The exact ratios can vary from day to day and who is pouring but the blend of champagne with the bubbly San Pelligrino’s Aranciata Rossa (blood orange) is perfection.

Are you looking for a signature drink for your cocktail hour? We are happy to share the Boathouse Bellini with your wedding day!

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