Ask any married couple and they will agree – time flies by when planning a wedding and marriage. No matter how long the engagement period, it will go by in the blink of an eye! It is a unique but very temporary time-period in one’s life and often full of meetings and planning, hard work and devoted focus. One of our top tips to include when planning a wedding is to enjoy the engagement and have fun! Take any opportunity to celebrate often in the months leading up to wedding day. Engagement pictures are the perfect excuse to push pause on the to-do list, get all dolled up, and enjoy quality time as fiancées. Make a date of it with a relaxing stroll and loads of kisses. Shine up the diamond ring, say cheese, and have a day of love ‘n laughs.

Megan and Kevin are counting down the days to their 1.4.19 wedding here at Up the Creek Farms! To enjoy capturing their engagement, they visited the property one sunny afternoon with Lisa Marshall Photography. This was a time to take extra glimpses of where they will be exchanging vows. It was more importantly a beautiful afternoon to enjoy each other’s company and to be grateful for the moment.

Enjoy their beautiful photographs below!

Thank you for the pretty photos, Lisa Marshall Photography! What a perfect way to bring a smile to the day!