We take pride in our business, the people who started it from the “creek” up, and the people that help make it run so very well. As a Special Edition Series, we present to you Engagement Stories! Real cute, real life, real love! ♥ Enjoy reading about the love connections of our Up the Creek Farms staff.


Engagement Stories | Edition I: Kristen

We sat down and asked Kristen (the amazing UTCF wedding planner & our main marketing/social media lady) a few questions about her & her hubby Leo. We are soooo in love with their story & photos! ♥

Where did love collide – where did you first meet?
Jacksonville Beach, FL – I had been out in the woods that morning and was wearing a camo hat, I met Leo through mutual friends and one of the first things he asked me was “Do you hunt, or just wear that hat for show…” I was less than impressed but 5 years and 2 kids later something worked!

What do you call each other? Any lovey dovey pet names, honey?
Nope, nothing for us. But when we refer to each other as “Mom” or “Dad” when we are talking to the girls. They get mad and say, “no – call her Kristen” or “no – call him LLLeeeoooo”. {How cute is that, readers?!? ♥ ♥}


 Mr. & Mrs. Swayze (as in Patrick swayze ), may we ask when you got engaged?
September 19th, 2010

 And where may this have occurred?
Captiva, FL

 Is this a special place, or was it the first time you were there?
The first time there together!

Who proposed – him or her? Were you surprised? Were you nervous?
Leo did the asking, I was completely surprised – every once in a while he will still ask if I had any idea he was going to ask. Leo says he wasn’t nervous but he had a minor technical difficulty that threw his game off!

Was his proposal his Plan A, Plan B, or did he just wing it?
Leo had planned on a beautiful gulf coast sunset and a ring box that cooperated but sometimes you have to move to plan B. When life gives you lemons, right! {Right! And what a cute engagement picture with the sunset in the background!}

How long had you been together before you decided “let’s get hitched”?
We had been dating for 2.5 years and got married a year and a half later.

How did all that wedding planning go?
I feel a little old with this one but we went through the wedding planning process before Pintrest was a thing! We both knew we wanted to get out of dodge and head south so things fell into place pretty easily. {You’re just a natural at wedding planning, Kristen! That is why we love you so!}

So, who wanted the big wedding?
Neither – from the start we wanted something small and the venue we fell in love with was a perfect fit.

Who decided on the wedding theme? sukolsky_1352
We let Islamorada do the talking for our theme! {And how GORGEOUS it was!}

How many years are you celebrating as “husband & wife”?
We are coming up on 5 years and get to head back to Islamorada to celebrate…if you are ever down that way stop into Pierre’s for dinner – its AMAZING and the view is to die for. {Sounds amazing… maybe we will join ya! 😉 }

Where do you see you two lovebirds in the next 10 years? 20? 50?
10 years… well we will have two girls entering their teenage years so we will check back in and let ya’ll know how it’s going then!

What is your advice for a newly engaged couple?
It’s easy to get caught up Pintrest and what people want you to do. Stay true to yourselves and remember that at the end of the day, not matter what the flowers look like, how the food was, or what the weather was, you get to marry your best friend so it it’s a win no matter what!

What is your advice for a married couple?
Love each other like its going out of style.

Great advice & thank you for sharing, Camo Hat Kristen!


sukolsky_eng_040 sukolsky_eng_047


And to add to this unique love story? The bride rode in on a boat to meet her groom at the ceremony! ♥



These beautiful Engagement & Wedding Photos were taken by Gregory Paul Photography.

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