As a Special Edition Series, we present to you Engagement Stories | Edition II! ♥
This special monthly mini-series is all about the love connections of our Up the Creek Farms staff .
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Engagement Stories | Edition II: Jessica

Once upon a time…
There was a girl that grew up in the Melbourne, FL area and later in life went to school in Jacksonville, FL.
There was a boy who grew up in the Jacksonville, FL area and later in life went to school in Melbourne, FL.
Despite crisscrossing down the eastern side of the state, fate was in the works! These two kiddos were bound to meet – come [I-95] or high water.
They would become married and, together, start a business that honors celebrations, weddings, & fairy-tale-like love stories! Take a seat and enjoy this engagement story Q&A where we talked with Jess & Tim.


Where did love collide – where did you first meet?
I met Tim while still in high school oodling over the dreamy college rowing team (Florida Tech) that we shared property with. We didn’t actually start dating until 2-3 years later while on rival college rowing teams. (Go JU! :-] )

 08850ffd795cb4d114ddaa3fe1dff509What do you call each other? Any lovey dovey pet names, honey?
Tim calls me Sug. (Short for sugar I guess?)
He’s Hunka. (Like Hunka Burnin Love – look it up Millennials…)

Mr. & Mrs. Watson, may we ask when you got engaged?
August 2013

And where may this have occurred?
Abaco, Bahama’s on Tahiti Beach (At high tide = no beach, love him!)

Is this a special place, or was it the first time you were there?
A family travel destination, you should add it to your list of places to visit or honeymoon!

Who proposed – him or her?
He proposed. I was very surprised! (Even after 7 years of dating, yowza!)
From Tim – Hey, it took me 7 years to get the nerve to ask the question, I wasn’t backing out regardless of the tide!

Mrs. Watson, what is your favorite thing about Mr. Watson?
Tim is a craftsman at heart.  He built the farm tables we use for events, and (if time allowed) would build almost anything you could ask him.  **Insert credit for the sphere suspended above us at our wedding ceremony. Great work, Tim!**
{UTCF is so very lucky to have such a talented craftsman!}




Mr. Watson, what is your favorite thing about Mrs. Watson?
Jess is always up for a new adventure or trip!  She loves seeing new places and learning new things!  The passion with which she approaches any new adventure is contagious and I love it!
{And we see that you two lovebirds like to travel in style…}


How did all that wedding planning go?
Thank GOD for wedding planners.  There is no way we would have done it without.  Besides, our clients always come first, so figuring our details were challenging!

So, who wanted the big wedding?
Neither! But once you actually start putting a guest list together, it kinda happens and all of a sudden, you’re at 100 guests.

Who decided on the wedding theme?
Both!  We picked a few components we hold near and dear: water, trees, and champagne (well I do…).
We incorporated water by picking the location in my hometown (obviously UTCF, where I was raised, and where Tim went to college).  The venue itself including the Boathouse, the Decklan House, nods to subtle nautical décor (and the name Up the Creek Farms) all tied in with our history and background.
The trees, well, if you’ve been to the property, you get it.  We also tied our Big Momma Oak into our invitation suite.
Champagne – well besides the obvious, we hosted a brunch wedding with mimosas, GOOD champagne, and mini champagne favors. Win. Win. WIN!

How many years are you celebrating as “husband & wife”?
In March, we will celebrate a year of marriage but almost 10 years together, which is a feat in itself!

What is your advice for a newly engaged couple?
Have fun! Planning a wedding gets stressful – take it in waves.  Work on tackling a few things, then take a break.  Secondly, make a decision and go with it.  DON’T question it, in the end, it’s probably not going to make or break the day!

Where do you see you two lovebirds in the next 10 years? 20? 50?

And we truly wish for Jess & Tim decades & decades of happiness & fun adventures!
Thank you for sharing your story and for all your hard work to make celebrations of  love at UTCF perfect. ♥

These beautiful Wedding Photos were taken by Concept Photography.

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