Fred & Samantha’s Romantic Proposal at Up the Creek Farms

Receiving an inquiry about a planning a proposal is undoubtedly a highlight to any week. When Fred contacted us with his idea to pop the question, we were more than excited to be a part of his engagement story. After some logistical planning, Fred pulled off an incredible surprise romantic proposal, and this goes without saying, but Samantha did indeed say YES!

Thank you to Liz Cowie Photography for going along with the surprise, hiding in the bushes, and capturing all the love!

Tell us your story

Samantha and I met at a HOP (House of Peace), from the church we attended in Miami. I became close friends with one of the guys there and it so happened that he was dating her best friend. This led to us hanging out as a group a lot but we never really saw each other as anything more than friends, which I am thankful for, because we were able to build a strong friendship before anything progressed, Eventually though, we did begin to feel some type of way towards one another and we both agreed to let it flow and see where it took us. I moved back to NY for work and to get my MBA and we gave long distance a shot. It was a difficult 4 years but we managed to pull through with the help of God.

I knew I wanted to marry her halfway into our relationship. The more time I spent with her the more I noticed some of the amazing qualities in her that I always wanted from the person I planned on spending my life with. I think the way she described this notion of knowing he/she is the one best sums it up “I knew you were the one because you feel like home.” When I think of home I think of a warm place, a safe place and a loving place. I felt the same way whenever I thought of her which confirmed that I wanted to spend the rest of my life beside her.

Social media has really been a game changer in a lot of ways. When it came to the ring, I’m grateful that she was able to share the style she liked. We always talked about getting married one day, but it always seemed far off. So, whenever she would come across a ring that looked pretty, she would casually share it and I would save it (without her knowing of course). This is how I was able to narrow done what she might like.

Once I knew what ring I wanted to buy her, I knew that I wanted her parent’s blessing before proposing, which was tricky since I never had an opportunity to be alone with her parents. I managed to sneak away for a day and ask her parents for their blessing, which they gave. I also did this before we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend. I am old-fashion when it comes to that and I know those sorts of things mean a lot to her.

Tell us about your vision for the engagement

We both love nature, the outdoors and the open space. I was looking for a place that had all of that. When I came across Up the Creek, I knew just by looking at the pictures that it fit exactly with what I had in mind.

My plan for the engagement (and the way it ended up happening) was to make it a whole day special event. I called it “Sunday with God.” I made an itinerary for her for that day which included going to church in the morning, having a good and relaxing lunch, relaxing by the pool for a bit and then heading to a place, that I had not disclosed to her, for worship.

We ended up going by the creek with the benches. I had brought my guitar. I only knew 3-4 chords the last time I played the guitar and I really wasn’t that good. Over the last year though I had been practicing for this moment without letting her know that I had been practicing. So I played a few worship songs on the guitar and she was really impressed. Once our worship session was over we relocated to another spot, the place I had planned to propose in my mind. We took a mini break, which allowed me to text Liz (the photographer who captured all of these photos who pretended to be there for another event ) that I was close to doing it. Then I had her sit in front of me while I serenaded her with two country songs that she loved and that I had dedicated to her before; “Beautiful Crazy” by Luke Combs and “In Case You Didn’t Know” by Brett Young. After I played those two for her on the guitar she was already tearing up and then I went and picked the box out of my bag and walked over to her, stood her up and then got down on one knee and proposed. It was the greatest feeling.

Tell us what was going through your mind (Samantha)

I had NO idea that day was going to be the day of the proposal. We have talked about getting engaged before but I thought that was far along into the future. Frederick was able to plan everything out without making me suspicious in the beginning. The moment I knew he was about to propose was when he started singing the last song “In case you didn’t know,” it kind of felt like time was passing by slower and all the attention was on me as he sang to me. Towards the end of the song, he started telling me how much he loved me and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me … then it all made sense, the photographer was for US! The place was just for us! Then he walked over to his bag and I saw this bright red box and I knew it was happening.

While he was singing to me I was saying to myself “wow this is my dream guy.” How sweet is it that he took his time for about a year to learn how to play some of my favorite songs for the proposal!

Everything was so surreal I can’t even remember what he said when he got on one knee. I was shocked with how perfect the ring was, all I remember is that I said yes!

Thank you to Liz Cowie Photography for capturing these special moments!