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Yes, I am a little late to the game since the official color of 2015 was announced on December 4th! BUT if you can forgive me enough to stay with me I have a feeling that UTCF will be elegantly colored with Rich and charismatic, Marsala tastefully fulfills with complex sophistication” this fall and winter. So to help out with some PANTONE® 18-1438 Marsala inspiration and planning I thought I would share some of our finds and favorites!

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 3.52.36 PM

Our Pinterest page is ever growing with Marsala colors on tables, in bouquets, on men, in jewelry, on cakes….oh yea, we should probably talk about the cakes!

If you know me at all, you know I have a sweet tooth from here to Alaska! As I was pinning the afternoon away I kept coming up with these AMAZING cakes. Not only are they, well, cakes, they fit perfectly into the Marsala color palate because they are RED VELVET (just don’t tell them that they are naked, it might give them a complex!)!!!

red velvet one

This one from has the recipe included…Yup, I know what I am doing this weekend!

red velvet2 featured this cake in a Fall Texas Wedding post, I am loving the Marsala bow tie almost as much as the cake!

Red velvet 3

red velvet 4

This beautiful cake on incorporated even more Marsala colored goodness by adding in seasonal fall fruit!

red velvet 5 featured a styled shoot with La Cakerie’s  stunner for an “Old world vintage wedding inspiration”. Ok yes, I am totally inspired to eat the whole thing.

red cake

Yes, I know this one isn’t naked but I just couldn’t leave it out! If you are openminded enough to have a colored wedding cake this one featured in a Vermont Wedding From Jose Villa is for you.


The richness of this color pallet will bring warmth on even the coldest day of the year (well, in Florida it’s not too cold but we can pretend!). I hope this gives a little bit of inspiration as you really get into the details, they say that the wedding is planned around the cake…or is that the dress? Either way there is a little Marsala for everyone on our Pinterest board and we can’t wait to see the Boathouse decked out in Marsala this year!

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