How to Work with the Image Giant for the Perfect Day

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Engagement season is winding down and by now those with a new piece of jewelry may have ventured onto Pinterest to start dabbling in what their wedding will look like. Ok, don’t lie – we know many of you may have had a “wedding board” since before there was the other half, and that is perfectly acceptable, we don’t judge! There is an overabundance of images and ideas to pull from that can help make your wedding everything you have dreamed of but be wary. With so many options and images it is easy to turn your Wedding Board and wedding into a hot mess of hodgepodge…aka…The Pinterest Wedding. Don’t get us wrong, we love Pinterest and the visual content it supplies and it is a wonderful tool for vendors to get a snapshot of what your wedding day will look like but there is limit. Here are a few simple ways to keep your board on track and looking right for your wedding!


Camryn Clair Photography_1175

Camryn Clair Photography


  1. Pin Away – Yes, that’s right! Pin everything and anything that catches your eye that says wedding to you. We know it somewhat contradicts what we were just saying but trust us, we have a plan! You want to start big, get everything on there. Explore color palates, textures, florals, dresses, you name it – pin it all!


Concept Photography_1178

Concept Photography


  1. Reflect – Give you mouse a rest and take a break from pinning. Scroll through you board and see what is consistent. Is there a color scheme that has a dominant presence? A style that stands out? This will help you determine the specific look and theme that your wedding will take on.



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  1. Trim Down – Now that you have a direction it’s time to go back and hit the delete button a few times. Take away anything that does not fit into the specific look and theme that you have come upon (or move it to another board – you pinned it for a reason and it might just fit somewhere else!). This can be a hard thing – no one wants to say goodbye but you will have a much better view of your day and how to map it out when the clutter is gone.


Brittany Naylor Photography_1179

Brittany Naylor Photography


  1. Hop to it – Now that the board is feeling a bit lighter give it a good once over with your other half to ensure it feels right. No sense in committing to it if it doesn’t feel right! If you don’t love where it is, head back to Step 1 and pin away! If you do it’s time to bring Pinterest to life. Share it with your vendors so they can visually see what you are working towards. Be open to new ideas that blossom when you explore your board with them, you could have the next Pinterest craze on your hands that starts at your wedding! If along the way you happen upon something on that you have to pin make sure it fits with the overall theme that you decided upon. If it is a perfect fit don’t be afraid to add it in – if not, save it for something else and keep on moving!


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Concept Photography


Happy “Pinning”!