Not many people in the world would say “I want to get married where I WORK!”, but I am the exception. I am Liz and have been working at Up the Creek Farms since February 2016, which has been a true dream job. It is such a treat to work with weddings and special events. No matter the weather, no matter the details, working weddings and special events is FUN – you are taking part in some of the best days of people’s lives! I am also lucky to memorialize events through this blog. Today, my friends, you are in for a very special blog entry – my own wedding day!

On Christmas Eve 2016, my boyfriend Charles and I got engaged! It was a surreal moment and included such a range of emotions and feelings. We started thinking about wedding details right away and for about 3 months were throwing around ideas ranging from destination-weddings, a small dinner party, to even the courthouse! No matter what we discussed, however, we kept coming back to Up the Creek Farms as the location for the ceremony and reception. We made the best choice in celebrating at Up the Creek Farms and not for one moment did we (or will we ever) regret our final decision to “get hitched” at UTCF. From the moment we booked, until the day of the wedding we felt so very taken care of by the UTCF Team.

I was no longer just an employee of UTCF, but a client. I was experiencing the wedding industry from a whole other angle! Working weddings and planning your own wedding can be very different. If not for the UTCF Team, our wedding day would have been incomplete and stressful. Jess, Briana, and our vendors were there for questions and advice constantly. I saw wedding/event service from a different perspective and could not be prouder of the UTCF Team. Loving and caring for what you do shines through how you service your clients, as proven true at this venue.

Charles and I have now been married 6 months and looking back at wedding day photos, videos, or simply thinking about the day never ceases to bring a smile across our faces. It was a day full of joy, love, laughter, and as you will see in the photos by Magnolia & Magpie Photography Co. below – color! (Green wedding dress anyone?) A couple months after the wedding, Charles said “Can we do it all over again”? I couldn’t agree more. It was truly incredible to have experienced such a grand celebration.

We have included below our top 6 favorite details about our wedding day 1.7.18. If you are planning a wedding, feel free to comment with any questions to be answered from a UTCF teammate turned client’s perspective.

Favorite Detail 1 (by Liz):

Burying the Bourbon

This is a southern tradition believed to ward off rain on one’s wedding day. Not only was it my favorite moment because we had a sunny day, but because it allowed us to have an additional special moment during the planning period of the wedding. One month before the wedding we stopped by UTCF to bury the bottle of bourbon. We took photos, enjoyed some extra laughs, and commemorated that the big day was only 1 month away. It is important to enjoy the wedding planning along the way – anything that can bring more joy to the process and less stress, DO IT!

Favorite Detail 2 (by Charles):

Our Officiant

One of the perks of a ceremony at UTCF is you have the service of your choice, including who marries you. Our Officiant was our good friend Kristopher, and we couldn’t have picked a better person to lead us in our vows. Kristopher has been an amazing friend, a great ceremony planning partner, and a spiritual role model. He allowed us to stay calm & focused on the true reason for the day and with gratitude.

Favorite Detail 3 (by Liz):

An Outdoor Celebration

One of our ideas was a beach wedding, however, with the number of guests planned we were worried about wind and rain causing a negative experience. The grounds of UTCF was a beautiful alternative with so many options for tropical photos. We also knew that in case there was rain, there was a well thought-out (and equally pretty) plan for inside.


Favorite Detail 4 (by Charles):


Our first date, and for many dates after, was surfing. Since we were not having a beach wedding, we needed to pay homage to the sea and the boards that led us together. We had our boards sticking out the back of Crystal & Crates ’48 Ford as the back drop for our ceremony. Just Married! Gone Surfing!

Favorite Detail 5 (by Liz):

Comfort on Wedding Day

We booked the Decklan house for the morning of the wedding. We planned for our immediate family and officiant to arrive to the house approximately 2-hours before the start of the ceremony. We had lunch and small thank-you gifts set up to welcome them. This time allowed everyone to meet up, relax, and snap a few pictures with our photographer before the big event started. While we got ready, our family enjoyed starting in on the celebration. Knowing everyone was under 1 roof was comforting!

Favorite Detail 6 (by Charles):

A Simple & Fun Theme

From the ceremony to the reception, the theme of our wedding could be summarized in one word – fun! We wanted to have the décor and theme reflect us as a couple and where we are from. Bold colors, tropical plants, and nods to our homelands (Ohio & Florida) were present throughout the celebration. We have since saved a Great Lakes Brewery and a Florida Beer Company brew to toast on our 1-year anniversary (along with two Swillerbee’s donuts we saved from the reception, currently in our freezer).     

A list of our favorite details could go on as we think back to 1.7.18. Overall it was a day that reflected Charles & Liz, alongside our loving families and friends. It was a day that was unique, a day that was full of joy, and a day well taken care of by an amazing crew. The property has an infinite amount of opportunities to showcase your theme, and also to take an endless amount of beautiful photos.    

Fun Fact! The couple in the black & white photo below are celebrating their 43rd anniversary TODAY, July 25th. Congratulations to the parents of the bride, Dan & Barb, for being a prime example of true love for 4+ decades.

Endless Thank Yous to our “friendors” – YOU made the day carefree and so much fun!

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A VERY special Thank YOU to
The Team at Up the Creek Farms and Crystal & Crates:
Jess, Tim, Briana, Kristen, Debbie, Stephanie, & Becky
With Love & Gratitude, Charles & Liz