KT Crabb Photography_0094Seriously, does it get any better!

I love when we get to work with couples who bring so much of their life together into their wedding. There were so many details to Lindsey and Daniel’s wedding that were a true part of them. I will give you a few of them and it will make your heart melt!

1. The petals that the guests were given to shower the newlyweds as they left the ceremony were all of the rose petals that Daniel had given Lindsey throughout the course of their relationship!

KT Crabb Photography_0097

2. On the back of the ceremony programs there was a quiz about milestones in their journey to marriage and the table numbers held the answers to them – I seem to remember the date being a big one!

KT Crabb Photography_0098

3. The favors for their guests paid tribute to their backgrounds: maple syrup from Maine from Lindsey and Venezuelan chocolate from Daniel (and yes I did make chocolate chip pancakes one morning for the girls and they were amazing, thanks guys!).

KT Crabb Photography_0099

4. They had a vision of their wedding being accented by hundreds of yarn spheres and the Boathouse came alive with colors and shapes from the rafters – we love how the Boathouse can transform into your dream!

KT Crabb Photography_0100

I could go on and on about the little details but I will let the pictures do the talking!

KT Crabb Photography_0079 KT Crabb Photography_0080 KT Crabb Photography_0081 KT Crabb Photography_0082

KT Crabb Photography_0083 KT Crabb Photography_0084 KT Crabb Photography_0085 KT Crabb Photography_0086 KT Crabb Photography_0087 KT Crabb Photography_0088KT Crabb Photography_0089 KT Crabb Photography_0090 KT Crabb Photography_0091 KT Crabb Photography_0092KT Crabb Photography_0095 KT Crabb Photography_0096

OH, major points for all the Back to the Future Fans who picked up that it was the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled to in Back to the Future II (I arrived to the wedding in my DeLorean of course)!

KT Crabb Photography_0093


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