Wedding Dress: Noun \ wed·ding dress \ˈwe-diŋ ˈdres\
An unforgettable garment that is far beyond a piece of clothing; a dress a girl dreams of (often from a young age); what a bride will wear on the day she begins a lifelong commitment with her soulmate; an outfit fit to make a lady feel like a princess; the most gorgeous gown a woman will wear; a dress often passed down to multiple generations; the most-perfect of outfits.

There is a very lucky detail with a “day-in-the-life” here at Up the Creek Farms that you may have never known about… We often are one of the first to see a bride’s wedding dress. Before the photographer arrives, before the wedding party and family step out of their cars – we get to capture the first sparkly glimpse of the wedding dress. Paired with jewels, hair accessories, and shoes, we get a preview look at the most pretty of outfits in the world. It is an exciting moment and almost every time we are stunned – it really takes your breath away to see something so pretty!

This week we get to share with you the chic photos from Megan & Michael’s December 9th wedding, where she wore an exceptional wedding dress. Ornate lace, shimmering details, and a lavish train – this dress was stunning. Continuing the beautiful theme were her bridesmaids in exquisite jewel tones and glimmering bead work. To top it off, the groom and groomsmen wore traditional, handsome kilts. What can we say? Up the Creek Farms attracts gorgeous people! ?

Glimpse into the celebration with photos by Magnolia Bee Photography!

The bouquets & floral arrangements painted even more bold, beautiful hues into the celebration. We also love the use of Crystal & Crate’s White Mantel in the ceremony. Photo frames were placed on the mantel’s ledge – a perfect spot for all to see and remember dear loved ones.

Never ever mess with a Groom’s Men – you never know what accessories they will be sporting on the wedding day. Swords & axes? Ready, set, fight! The winner gets a cool beverage and a smooth cigar.

Cheers & best wishes to Megan & Michael – may their marriage always be bold & beautiful!

Thank you to the following Vendors for making this unforgettable day!

Accommodations | Captain Hiram’s
Catering | Two Chicks and a Pot
Coordinator | Sincerely Yours Wedding & Events
Entertainment | DJ Shane
Hair & Makeup | One Love Salon
Photographer | Magnolia Bee Photography