This past weekend, on March 25th, Maddy & Brandon celebrated their first Wedding Anniversary! Time certainly flies quickly, especially when being engaged and then newlyweds. A couple will plan for months for their big day, and in the blink of an eye, they are celebrating wedding anniversaries. It is the best time to look back at wedding photos – the entire album, whether online or in print – and enjoy memories of the celebration. Beyond flipping through photos, what is your favorite way to celebrate your wedding anniversary? Do you celebrate with with traditional gifts of paper, ivory, and precious metals? (Thanks to for a convenient list!) Maybe you and your spouse go out for a special dinner at one of your favorite restaurants? Do you exchange letters that were written on your wedding day (one of our FAV traditions)? We’d love to hear about YOUR wedding anniversary traditions!

We remember Maddy & Brandon’s wedding day fondly.  The details they brought to the celebration were charming & delightfully reflective of their lives! Up the Creeks Farms staff are aviation & travel enthusiasts, so we thoroughly enjoyed the nod to flying & helicopters. The pink, peach, and blue hues within the floral arrangements and bridal party attire was a fresh look. We are loving the photos of the two of them, they have happiness written all over their faces. Enjoy photos by Kati Rosado below as we celebrate Maddy & Brandon’s first anniversary! Cheers!

Cheers & thanks to the following vendors who made this day grand!

Kati Rosado | Lara’s Theme | Cakes So Simple | Puff ‘n Stuff | Blue Skies Entertainment | Crystal & Crates | Hot Rayz Limousines | M3 Beauty | Captain Hiram’s Resort