You’ve heard it before & you will hear it with every wedding – the day goes by SO. VERY. QUICKLY! It will be the best day of your life, yet feel like it went by in the blink of an eye. Photographs, a few pieces of decor & memorabilia, and video are what will help permanently capture the memories of the day. Due to all of the time planning & working on the details of your wedding – you want to remember every moment! We firmly believe that photography & videography are worthwhile investments when planning your wedding. Afflux Studios’ video of Amanda & Ryan’s February wedding, proves that point in a special way – capturing motion and emotion. Check out our next “Reel Wedding” feature!

Amanda ♥ Ryan

Amanda & Ryan’s wedding was pure, classic BEAUTY! The bride’s delicately ornate gown paired so very nicely with the groom’s blue & black suit – they looked sharp! The decor was equally as pretty accented with creamy white flowers that had subtle accents of dark blue. What we are loving about this video was the motion captured – from laughter, smiles & hugs, to the reception fun. Our favorite part of the video is the Amanda’s walk down the aisle @1:37 – we can just feel the excitement and joy. This group was groovin’ all night as seen @2:20 – all were dancing & there was even the start of some Conga line action. 😉 Sealed with a sparkly kiss @3:13 – that part of the film is pure magic!

Afflux Studios is not traditionally a wedding videographer – their portfolio of work is an incredibly interesting array of multi-media productions to feature businesses, sports teams, musicians, and more. They specialize in creative & modern presentations to showcase an artist or a business. We love that the wedding industry links us to so many interesting businesses like Afflux Studios! It is fun to be connected to such talented people, it makes our network infinitely creative. For more information about Afflux Studios click the link below!

Afflux Studios

Many thanks to Afflux Studios for capturing the pure joy moments of Amanda & Ryan’s Wedding Day!

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