Remember the adorable couple, Ana & Josh, featured earlier this year in our blog? These two danced a sweet number after exchanging vows here at Up the Creek Farms. Today we are excited to share with you our next edition of “Reel” Weddings: a video including clips of Ana & Josh’s wedding! The video, by Peach & Orange, even includes moves from their classy first dance.

One of our favorite parts of the video is right at the beginning (at 0:33 and 0:35) when Josh and then Ana are looking out windows from the second story of the Decklan House. While they can’t see each other (they are in different rooms), they are looking out to the same view – and very soon to be joined in marriage. Our hearts just melt! We love the swooping view of the ceremony site at 0:53 into the film (we get so very excited when a piano makes its way to Up the Creek Farms). Such sweet kisses and moments captured during the ceremony in addition to when the bride & groom walked the grounds. Pitter pattering hearts are at 2:57 during that amazing first dance! Click below to watch:

Ana ♥ Josh

The song in the video is “I Get To Love You” by Ruelle. Our favorite part of the lyrics follow; what great vows these would be!

I get to love you
It’s the best thing that I’ll ever do
I get to love you
It’s a promise I’m making to you
Whatever may come, your heart, I will choose
Forever I’m yours, forever I do

As part or our Reel Weddings series, we feature extraordinary videographers who have captured the beauty of weddings held on the UTCF property in quaint little Valkaria. Peach & Orange did such an excellent job here in November with Ana & Josh, that we became slightly (okay, wholeheartedly) addicted to watching their other films. Looove their style! The videos truly capture the essence of the natural surroundings, plus the smiles & unique charm of the brides, grooms, and guests. Check out the cute engagement film they took of Zachariah & Leah in Fort Lauderdale. Tears of joy! Then follow up with the sequel – the same couple’s wedding among the fall leaves of Hubbardston, MA.

Peach & Orange is owned & creatively lead by a husband & wife pair, who were from two different states — you guessed it – Georgia & Florida! ?? (We could go for some delicious peach cobbler and a cool glass of OJ hearing a name like that!) Their careers led them to do a favor for a friend. That opportunity turned into capturing love on film & their videography business was born! Lucky us & UTCF to have taken part in their videos. For more on Peach & Orange, please click here.

Congratulations to Josh & Ana! Thanks to Peach & Orange for a lovely video. ♥