There is an endless amount of choices to make when planning a wedding. The number of vendors chosen adds up quickly as you plan the food, décor, and entertainment. You hire a team of creative & talented individuals to assist you in hosting the best celebration of your life. Photographers & Videographers are the teammates that make the official record of the details that came together beautifully, the moments that were once-in-a-lifetime, and the pure joy of the day. Choosing to have both still-photos and video for one’s wedding day is a no-regrets choice. The video is one of the most enjoyable take-aways from the wedding – being able to relive the day over & over again, for the rest of your life. It’s your day & your movie! ❤

This week we are delighted to share the next “Reel” Wedding that took place at Up the Creek Farms. Jaime & Eric wed on April 1, 2017 and were surrounded all day long by sunshine, love, and laughter. Their day was perfectly captured by Steadfast Weddings and was ready to be viewed within 1 month of Jaime & Eric exchanging vows. Not only do we looove this video, but we giggle & tear-up each time we watch it – the emotions are so adorable between these two!

Keith is the talent behind the camera of Steadfast Weddings and he is located right here in the Sunshine State of Florida. His worldly travels brings a creative perspective to his videography; the videos are colorful, sun-lite, and timeless. The start of his business began when he was determined to prevent his best friend having a “bad wedding video”, and he has now filmed over 150 weddings. To learn more about Keith & Steadfast Weddings, click here.

Jaime ♥ Eric
Click here to watch!

Jaime & Eric’s wedding video captures our top reasons of why choosing to have your day on film is not only fun but invaluable.

  1. Emotion & Action:

Nervous jitters, tears of joy, tons of smiles & laughs, plus silly dance moves are all captured – sound & all. Steadfast Weddings did a beautiful job of filming these little details from the groom’s first look at his bride (how cute is his reaction @ 0:58 into the movie?!) to the sharing of a drink with girlfriends during the reception (love the girly moment @ 3:39).

  1. Groups & Gatherings:

The bride & groom plan every detail of the day, however, they don’t get to be there for every moment. One of those special moments of the day is while getting ready – the groom with his side of the family & friends, the bride in a separate room with her family & friends. Often times the party starts there! Whether enjoying a drink together, playing a round of pool, or simply finishing-up getting ready, the time prior to the wedding ceremony is unique. We love how the opening to this video shows both sides prior to the ceremony.

  1. The moments that will make you smile every time:

We’ve got a first-hand account of Grandma breaking out her dance moves @ 3:30 into the wedding video. Love this group and all of them the dance floor – it makes you want to jump into the video and party with them. On a more serious note, the vows captured are the most special of moments on the video. To hear and see Jaime & Eric share vows with each other… once in a lifetime excitement & joy, now able to be seen & heard for decades to come.

Thank you to Steadfast Weddings for the video! Cheers to the newest Mr. & Mrs.!