As summer winds to a close with the last holiday weekend of the season, we can’t help but get excited about snuggling during upcoming cool nights and watching movies. There is nothing like a crisp evening, a warm blanket, and a good film. With the movie-spirit in mind, we are eager to present more wedding films to Y♥U! As the second blog feature of the talented TLC Film Productions, we bring you “Reel” Weddings for your viewing pleasure.

Our first feature of TLC Film Productions‘ work was in the chilly month of December, where we shared three heartfelt weddings captured on camera. Click here to read & view more! TLC founder (and names sake) Tina Lynn Colaiacomo took her love of being behind the camera and made a creative & fun family business. The wife-husband-family team works flawlessly to capture details, landscapes, and heartfelt moments. To read more about this videography team, click the icon below:

March 2017 was a month full of love & weddings for both Up the Creek Farms and TLC Film Productions. Included in the celebrations were the nuptials of Brittany + Torey on March 4th, and Sadie + Dustin on March 18th. Let’s watch! Click the photos below.

Brittany ♥ Torey

From the draping accenting the boat house to the leaves swaying in a gentle breeze, the scene for this wedding was perfectly elegant and classy. We love the detailing in the video showing the decor – both inside & out, both designed by Brittany & designed by nature. What takes the cake, however, is the special moments captured by TLC. From getting ready with family & friends, to the giving of the bride, to a silly take on a fun tradition (LOL moment @4:26), we love re-living this wedding. Our favorite moment is the vows-of-a-different-kind: Groom Torey promising his son love to last a lifetime. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when we watched this moment @3:20 into the video. In this family of three the following verse certainly stands true: Love binds us together in perfect unity. ~Colossians 3:14 ♥

Sadie ♥ Dustin

“Today is the day for us to become a team through life” – how perfect is this vow from Groom Dustin to his Bride Sadie? We nearly melted hearing their sweet vows to each other. The best man’s speech was spot on – their love is unconditional, rare, and beautiful. No matter how many times we watch this video, we never cease to shed tears of joys at the groom’s reaction @3:30 into the video when he sees his blushing bride. Equally as adorable is the “First Touch” @2:08. Sadie looks like out of a fairy tale with her ornate hair piece and soft curls. The happy tears were replaced with an unforgettable night of dancing – they had quite the fun crowd to celebrate with!

♥ Cheers to the newlyweds Brittany + Torey and to Sadie + Dustin! ♥
It was fun to re-live two very special March days!

Many thanks to TLC Film Productions for capturing such special Wedding Day Moments!