*In our newsletter we love to feature a couple new to the Up the Creek Farms Family. We have decided that the stories of how they met, fell in love and came to us are too sweet just to highlight.*

Sara + Hunter

A Love Story


Mary, my best friend from college (and now Matron of Honor) was Secretary of Florida State University’s Sports Management club. Being that the club centered on a male dominated industry, she was one of the only female club members. It happened to be one of the club member’s birthday, and the boys were egging Mary on to join them in celebration. She of course, felt more comfortable having a girl friend join her – me! As an extra incentive to join her, she offered to set me up with one of her friends from the club. I didn’t end up getting to know the friend Mary wanted to set me up with because Hunter caught my eye instead! We spent the night chatting and exchanged numbers.

I didn’t expect it to turn into anything serious. How could a guy you meet at a party turn into a serious relationship? I didn’t even hear from him for over a month after we met! I guess he had been thinking about me the entire time because he finally asked me to come over to his apartment and hang out. After a night of chatting on the couch binging Shark Tank, we had our first kiss. It’s been magic ever since!



“Home is where the heart is” is the most true statement for us. I came home from work to find the apartment covered in gold streamers and balloons, with a giant balloon shaped like an engagement ring. Hunter took my hands and told me how he had thought over and over about the perfect place to propose to me, and realized that there was no more perfect place than our home because that is where all of our best, most loving memories took place.

He proceeded to tell me that he couldn’t propose to me without a little bit of help. He opened the bedroom door and our dog Mellie ran out wearing a bandana that said “say yes!”. He dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. We celebrated with champagne, a steak dinner and an “engagement ring” circular bundt cake. It was the most perfect night and another memory that makes our home even more of a special place.



We were initially drawn to the beauty and rustic southern charm of Up the CreekFarms. As we learned more about the property, we realized that Up the Creek Farms has more sentiment to us than we could have ever imagined. We learned that the creek that runs through Up the Creek Farms was the same creek that Hunter’s father used to fish in growing up, and that some of the Up the Creek Farm’s staff members even went to the same high school as many of Hunter’s family members! Up the Creek Farms instantly felt like a second home and second family to us. We couldn’t be happier!



Our love deserves to be celebrated, and we can’t wait to do just that with all of the people we love the most! Plus, I can’t wait to finally be Mrs. Grignon!

– Sara + Hunter