Stephanie + Nevinsthon

Earthy and boho chic wedding at Up the Creek Farms

For a couple rooted in a very natural lifestyle an earthy wedding with a boho chic ambiance was a given. From a beautiful handmade macramé backdrop at their ceremony, mini garden centerpieces and a wedding date that happened to be Earth Day, it all fell into place. “We wanted our wedding to be the perfect representation of our love story and it turned out beautifully!”

Tell us about the choices you made leading up to your wedding.

I’ve always been a down to earth type of girl and live a very natural lifestyle so I wanted the theme to match our personalities. We found a lovely woman (Susan) that makes beautiful macrame and sells it at a local farmers market. She fell in love with us as a couple and did such an amazing job with the ceremony back drop and table decor. That backdrop is now hanging over our bed and it makes us feel so happy every time we see it!
My wedding dress chose me in the cutest boho wedding shop in Miami. My personality is very colorful so I wanted to incorporate a beautiful dusty color scheme with the bridesmaids dresses and flowers.

Our florist captured our theme so perfectly from the king protea in my bouquet to the beautiful baby succulents from her garden in my flower crown and the creative table centerpieces. We chose tall greenery centerpieces for the farm tables and got inspired via Pintrest to create a mini garden in the center of the round tables. We wanted our wedding to be the perfect representation of our love story and it turned out beautifully!

Our wedding ended up being on earth day although we didn’t specifically plan it that way at first but we went to visit Up the Creek Farms as a last ditch effort to find a venue we really loved it and Nev and I agreed right away that it was the place! Being such a sought after venue they only had Fridays and Sundays left in April of 2018 so we chose the 22nd and it wasn’t until later that we realized it was earth day, the perfect day to have an earthy boho wedding!

What were the significant moments during the ceremony?

We wanted the theme of the ceremony to be the love of God so all my nieces and nephews walked in the wedding and we had them hold different parts of the bible verse 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 (Love is patient, love is kind etc) in hand etched wood signs. I adored seeing how cute they were walking down that aisle and how much their presence in my life has meant to me. I’ve watched each of them grow up so it was very important that they carried such a symbolic part of our ceremony. 

My parents, Nev’s parents and my godparents joined us at the front of the altar for a prayer before the ceremony started. That felt very powerful to us. We felt so loved and covered by their leadership at that moment. 

I love to sing and a lot of my friends are musicians so I asked two of them to sing during the ceremony to open it up in worship, during the tree planting and during our first communion together. God is so important to us and our goal is to have Him in the center of our marriage so it was important for the ceremony to be reflective of that. I loved how private the tree planting and communion felt. At those moments it felt like it was just us three there!  Our hand written vows to each other were so heartfelt, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place! I loved hearing Nev’s promises to me and professing my love and devotion to him in front of the most important people in our lives.

Tell us about the special moments from the reception.

Our entrance was epic! We played the song “Turn Down for What” and it was such a blast. Being the musician that I am, I planned a surprise for Nev and sang the song “Perfect” for him with my friend Fabio playing the guitar. About a month leading up to the wedding I choreographed a special bridesmaids dance and convinced my girls to learn it 2 days before the wedding! They did SUCH a good job and we had so much fun!! Nev was so surprised he absolutely loved it.

My dad’s toast was hilarious but also amazing! We can always count on him to come through with the entertainment! The”Hora Loca” When everyone put on the props and went crazy was so fun! 

But most of all I have to say the very last song “All of Me” where Nev and I had a private dance together probably meant the most to me.

What advice would you give to future Up the Creek Couples?

TRUST. You are working with an incredible team of professionals. They will take care of so many details and make sure everything is perfect. Try your best to be present throughout, its hard but it will pass so fast and you will wish you did! I definitely recommend renting the house for prep and pictures, its so worth it. Doing it on a Sunday meant it had to be earlier so it was still pretty light through most of the ceremony. For us that meant a lot of guests were outside during the reception taking pictures and hanging out. I would’ve liked it to be darker and to have had more people dancing, so just something to keep in mind. Try not to stress about the details, they will always come together! 

Thank you to the amazing vendors who helped make this day possible:

Matthew Hayford Photography || Violets In Bloom Florist || A & Be Bridal Shop || Davis House Inn – Bridal party and family accommodations || TLC Film Productions || Two Chicks and a Pot || DJ Shane Entertainment || Wedding Planning by Up the Creek Farms