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Like it or not technology & social media are here to stay. Even if you have politely opted out of joining the masses on Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter/LinkedIn/Google+/Pinterest/Tumbler/Flickr/Reddit (those are just the top 10…there are many, many more!) you are sure to have come across it at some point. Its everywhere (surprisingly I just searched my #Starbucks cup and there are no #’s, websites URLS to be found on it…but I did order and pay for it through their app – technology win!) and your wedding can be its own little hub on social media if you help it along.

One of the first things you will do is announce your engagement – yay!! Some choose to send a well-placed ring pic on Instagram or just simply change their relationship status on Facebook and call it a day. Need some ideas – check out a great post by Leonda by the Yarra (complete with some very cute ideas on how to announce!).


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Soon after you will want to create a # (still confused as to what that is…this will help!). To get a jump on getting your wedding # do this before you announce the engagement and have it tagged from the very start! As you are planning out your décor for the wedding, don’t forget to add in your #information so guests are tagging while they are there, by the bar or guest book table are the best places for it to be seen (or on the back of a school bus!!)!


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Onto the wedding website. This is where invitees will head to learn about the detailed information on your big day – think hotel accommodations, who is in the bridal party, registry, venue information (just ask and we can share our logo so you can include it!), etc. Wedding Lovely has a list of the top 5 wedding website builders, most of these have a fee associated with them, but they do have a few bonus options that are worth a look! Don’t forget to add your wedding # to this!!

Snapchat has a many features that are great for weddings (I will admit that I am a dud with Snapchat but for some reason my 4 year old is a master…thanks Aunt M!) At Jackie and Curtiss’ wedding earlier this month they created special Geofilters that snappers…if that is what we call you!…can use when they are at certain locations – like at Up the Creek – and for a certain amount of time. A little bit of planning does have to go into these, as they have to be submitted and approved.


Is this a little overwhelming? Don’t worry, there is an app for that..haha, see what we did there!? Better than an app there are companies out there that will do a complete social media overhaul for you – #’s, branding, geofilters…they will even come to your wedding and LIVE TWEET THE CEREMONY. Sound like something that you need in your life? The Maids of Social are there to help!


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SO, how much is too much? While we live in a world where sharing is everything you might want to keep a few things off the interwebs. Brides.com has a great article on what to leave off of social media. Also, don’t forget that you might have friends and family members who are not “up with the times” and haven’t indulged in social media so be sure to keep them in the loop – we recently had a wedding where we found out that the couple had NO social media, like none! Needless to say we were all a little shocked but at the same time completely refreshed to see that you can make it through a day without it!


Lisa Marshall Photography

Happy Chatting/Graming/Tweeting/Posting/Tagging!