Top 5 Reasons to Have a Barn Wedding

1) Inside and Outside Space Combined

It’s the perfect mix of natural outdoor beauty with an air conditioned reception. No need to travel in between spaces, everything you need is right on site making it simple and easy for everyone.

2) Blank Canvas for your Style

Rustic, chic, or in between, barns offer a blank canvas for you to create the wedding of your dreams. Keep the rafters wide open, cover them with draping, bring in birch chargers, or stick to ornate silver decor. There are endless possibilities to dress up or down based on your unique style.

3) Multiple Photo Opportunities

Barn venues are typically located on a good chunk of acreage, so you will have all the space in the world to take photos. Open fields or up against the barn doors, you’ll get a little bit of everything.

4) Private Grounds

Have you ever been to a wedding, looked across the venue and see another wedding taking place at the same time? With a barn venue, the entire property is private to you and your guests, making the entire experience more intimate.

5) Barn Venue Teams are Wedding Specialists!

They love all things wedding. It’s what they choose to do every day, so they possess true passion for events. Rest assured you are in good hands with those who know weddings best and are dedicated to making your wedding perfect.

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All Images: Lisa Marshall Photography