A month has come an gone since the bourbon was buried and I am so thrilled to say… IT WORKED!!!Swayzetime-Photos_0177.jpg

So picture this… (again, please do not go crazy over my top notch photography skills – safe to say that our amazing photographers don’t have to worry about “Swayzetime Photography” competition anytime, well, ever! I promise to give a third update to this when the amazing photos from Concept Photography come back because this is only half of the story!) …the sun is starting to rise over the trees on Up the Creek Farms and it is revealing a ceremony set with vintage furniture under the cathedral of oaks that has just been uncovered.

Swayzetime Photography_0203

The seating from Crystal and Crates that would melt (ok it really wouldn’t melt but just go with it!) from a single drop of rain is awaiting its guests. The painter is taking in the breathtaking view that is around him that would be washed away if were to rain.  The smiling kids and decked out groom patiently await the most stunning bride that has ever been while a piano and cello played in beautiful harmony.

Swayzetime Photography_0204

Lets stop for a moment and imagine this scene if Jess and Tim hadn’t burred that bottle of bourbon. Surely there would have been torrential downpours that would have carried away even the happiest of smiling children, the paint strokes would have been washed clean and their guests would have been left to sit on the ground because their chairs melted away. < insert sad face here>

Thankfully we didn’t have to live through that and the southern tradition held fast and provided the most perfect day for them! Maybe Jess’ rain dance did a little something too!Swayzetime Photography_0206 As the tradition goes after the ceremony the newlyweds get to celebrate their good fortune of no rain (or drown out their sorrows if for some reason it does decide to rain) by digging up the bottle and sharing it with their guests. Remember that cleverly placed stick that marked the spot…well when they went to dig it up it magically had disappeared! After a few misses, dirty hands and a scroll back through the photos from the burying they struck liquid gold and good old Elijah Craig made its grand entrance to their wedding! Nothing like a girl in her wedding dress digging for a bottle of bourbon while her new husband holds their drinks – #truelove right there!

Swayzetime Photography_0208 Swayzetime Photography_0209

I honestly cannot wait to get the real photos from this up but this should hold us all over for now! Until next time – trust those southern traditions!

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