8 Ways To Use Citrus In Your Wedding

Florida’s Tangy Fruits are Trending

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Summer is finally here and that means bright colors and refreshing flavors. Florida is known for its citrus and brides have taken note. Whether it’s lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit, these zesty fruits lighten the mood and give guests a taste of our home state. They add a tangy pop to classic wedding colors and bring an organic vibe to decor on your big day. From simple stacked oranges for centerpieces to stunning sweetheart table trees, check out our 8 ways to use citrus in your wedding!

Florida inspired wedding stationery with sliced orange accents
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Accent Your Floral Arrangements

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When it comes to wedding flowers, local brides tend to lean towards summer hues or classic neutrals. Bright citrus like lemons and oranges add a unique textural element to arrangements. Not to mention they give an ode to Florida’s favorite tangy fruits!

Add a Pop of Color to Ceremony Decor

Rustic ceremony crates filled with oranges
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Southern weddings have no shortage of rustic decor. What better way to make your ceremony pop than with a bright infusion of local fruit?

Incorporate Them Into Reception Design

Hanging greenery with glass candle orbs and orange trees
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Let the most important spot stand out with potted fruit trees and lush greenery sprinkled throughout. Take it a step further and incorporate them into your hanging centerpieces.

Florida orange inspired sweetheart table
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Utilize Them in Unique Cocktails

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Tie your wedding theme together by utilizing citrus in your signature cocktails. It’ll compliment your fruit accents used throughout your decor.

Take Your Tropical Theme To Another Level

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We love when couples get inspired by the tropical feeling Florida brings. This usually means using local greens and colors taken straight out of a beach catalog. Whole oranges stacked in glass containers give tables a light and airy element that’ll make guests swoon.

Tropical themed wedding inspired by coastal Florida vibes
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Dress Up Your Drink Stations

Citrus decor used in a wedding drink station
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Let guests enjoy a refreshing beverage with baskets of tangy fruits to accent your drink station.

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Dehydrate Them as Decoration

Dehydrated citrus fruits sliced and used as reception decor
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This bride loved the idea of incorporating citrus into her wedding theme. Her mom had the awesome idea of dehydrating limes, lemons, and oranges to accent their decor. For more Florida-inspired wedding ideas check out their wedding story here!

Give Centerpieces a Creative Spin

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Sliced citrus infuses darling centerpieces and table runners with a tangy detail that’ll brighten any mood.