Burying the Bourbon

A Southern Tradition

I am a sucker for traditions and this is one I have been pleading with Jess to do at UTCF for a long time.Swayzetime Photos_0176.jpg

In the south there is a wonderful tradition of burying a full bourbon bottle upside down on the grounds where you will be married a month out of your wedding date. The tradition goes that if all of these things are done there will be no rain on your big day.

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Once the wedding takes place and rain was not a wedding crasher the couple can then dig up the bottle and celebrate their good fortune!

Swayzetime Photos_0178.jpg

The roadblock that I kept getting was – what do we do if a couple does this and it still rains (I guess someone…not naming names…doesn’t holdfast to traditions like this!). Well there is a perfectly good answer – they simply dig up the bottle and “drown” out the rain with the bourbon. See problem solved!

Swayzetime Photos_0179.jpgAfter many months of hemming and hawing and a great client event where we became very educated on bourbon (and she found a favorite), I got the go ahead for our first Burying the Bourbon at Up the Creek Farms! Tim grabbed the shovel and they picked a spot and the tradition found a home!Swayzetime Photos_0180.jpgMy trusty sidekick and I (she was in charge of keeping the dogs at bay and don’t mind my *amazing* photo skills…I am much better at arranging other peoples photos than taking my own!) headed down a month before the big day (yes that’s right, we have a wedding of our own in LESS THAN A MONTH!!!!!) for Jess and Tim to send out to the southern tradition Gods that there is to be no rain on their big day!

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And Jess wanted to make extra sure so she added her version of a “no rain dance” to the mix.

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Here’s to no rain on the 23rd and that we can find that stick!!

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