How else would you celebrate a 9 year wedding anniversary than with a 1948 Ford Truck, bicycle built (both rentals from our sister company Crystal & Crates!) for two and 8 acres with beautiful oak trees and Spanish moss? We loved having these two on the grounds with the absolutely amazingly talented Kati Rosado to help make a few memories for their children to see in print!


Our Love Story:

I didn’t know it then but it’s was the beginning of our forever. I had spent my entire summer before senior year in high school, working and saving up for a car, never spending a moment even thinking about Landon. Truth is we hung out in the same group all junior year but never even bothered to get to know each other better. I still remember the first day of senior year. You know when you finally step foot on campus and you immediately go searching for your friends to catch up on whats happened over the last two months. All of a sudden, the first person that popped in my head was Landon. All I remember is searching the entire school for him, asking left and right if anyone had seen the funny white boy with glasses and a blowout. You would think, ahhhh what a generic description right? You’d be surprised how everyone knew exactly who I was talking about. The bell rang and I was disappointed that I had not found him. I started my day in class thinking “wow that sucks, I was looking forward to hanging out with him because he was soooo funny!” It was time for lunch and to my pleasant surprise he was in my lunch block. I was so happy! I didn’t even think it was weird that I was so happy to see someone that I didn’t even know their last name and at that time I had no interest in him as a boyfriend because he had a girlfriend. I just really felthe was a special kid and I would be missing out if I didn’t have him as a friend. Little did I know he was the one that God had perfectly molded for me. It just so happens that he spent his morning looking for the funny Spanish girl with the tude. Stephanie was such a common name, without a last name he really didn’t have much to go on. Its crazy how things work out in Gods timing. I thought I was gaining an awesome friend and I gained so much more. I found the love of my life, my balance, my perfect match! kati-rosado-photography_0946We became great friends and one day he came to school heartbroken that his girlfriend at the time had broken up with him. I was the friend that picked up the pieces. Our friendship eventually evolved to an “OMG God made us for each other”. A few months later we were at the mall and he had just asked me to be his girlfriend. We had been friends for so long I thought it would have been weird at first but it wasn’t. When he held my hand it felt as if the world had stood still. Is it crazy to say that at 17 when he held my hand I knew I had found my forever. The way our hands fit perfectly , I just felt like it was the beginning of a new adventure that I was excited to experience . I felt like we could do anything. It was so intimate. More intimate than a kiss because holding his hand meant I trusted him to lead the way. I felt like we had a Bonnie and Clyde moment lol, it’s us against whatever comes our way. Holding his hand was my way of saying wherever you go I’ll follow and his way of saying that where we went didn’t matter as long as I was by his side.kati-rosado-photography_0947Three years later I was a senior in college living in Tampa and he was just starting in his new job living in Orlando. We were just 20 years old when Landon asked me to be his best friend for life.  So here we were at 20 years old getting married living on that roman noodle budget. I of course said yes because nothing was scarier than imaging a life without him as my lifetime partner. Four months after our proposal we were married. Because of our budget and how fast we planned our wedding we had a very small wedding and we didn’t have a photographer, which was ironic because now we are wedding photographers. For the last 6 years as wedding photographers, after every single wedding we document we always talk about how we never had that.kati-rosado-photography_0948We never had images to show our daughters the day mommy and daddy got married. All we have are our memories so we decided to do an 9 year wedding anniversary shoot with the amazing Kati Rosado at your beautiful venue. It was amazing! We legit felt like those two 17 year old kids that got that butterflies in the stomach feeling when we were around each other. 12 years of friendship with 9 years of marriage and 2 little nuggets (5yr and 2 yr) we are even more madly in love now than we were before. We are so blessed because we get to live our life with our favorite person in the whole world, each other.

– Stephanie & Landon of Landon Hendrick Photography

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