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How to Include your Best Friend

 Everyone knows the saying “first comes love, then comes marriage..” but what that saying leaves out is the four leggeds that often are apart of the family well before the love part! A wedding is a joyous and exciting time but can leave your best friend feeling a bit left out while the bipeds are busy planning and preparing. Have no fear for Fido, here are our favorite ways to include them in the festivities!

  1. Stationary: The first impression your guests have of your wedding comes from your stationary. This is a perfect way to include the family members who may not get the formal invite to participate in the wedding!
    Wedding Stationary

    Magnolia and Magpie Photography || After a While Crocodile Stationary


  2. Engagement Photos: We love having pups at the venue for their humans engagement photos. Its a wonderful way to let them be apart of the tangible memories from this exciting time. Just remember to have a responsible biped tag along to take them for a walk so they can have a break while you take the rest of the pictures!
    Dogs at Weddings

    Jessica Bellinger Photography


  3. At the Wedding: Lets start this off by staying know your pet. If they have a tendency to “explore” or don’t take kindly to strangers than a wedding may not be the place for them. Nothing is cuter than a Golden Retriever with a bowtie or a GSP with a flower collar coming down the aisle but if you do choose to include them in the ceremony you need to remember two very important things – 1. Never give the dog your real wedding rings! 2. They can at times behave and preform better than small children acting as ring bearers or flower girls. But even the best trained pooch may respond to natures calling at inconvenient times or the need to chase the taunting squirrel may become overwhelming!

    Liz Cowie Photography

If you decide to have your pet join in on the special day do your prep work and have a plan in place for them.

– Designate someone to be your pets butler for the day.

– Write down all feeding, behavior cues, vet contact and day of expectations well in advance so they will not need to disturb the days proceedings with questions for you.

– Pack a bag with their leash, doggie bags, treats/food, water bowl & water, toys and wedding attire.

– Have realistic expectations of your pet and their ability.

– Plan to have your pet at the wedding for a set time, then let them make a graceful exit after photos to go do dog stuff!

– Have your caterer pack a doggie bag for them, don’t forget the cake!

Are you thinking of having your four legged join us at Up the Creek Farms? We have the perfect person to help tailor your pets wedding day experience!

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