How many times have you been to a wedding and conveniently “forgotten” to grab the wedding favor that was lovingly selected for you? Ok, so maybe you didn’t down right leave it there but after a few months it made its way to the trash? If you are in the midst of planning the wedding favor question is bound to come up. Do you give your guests a parting gift to show them your thanks for being there, or could there possibly be another option?

Wedding Favors

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Food – YES! This is a wonderful option in our opinion. The trip home is made that much better when your guests get to take a little treat for the ride. Keep it local, give your guests a taste of something that you grew up with or local to the area. A sweet treat made from a family recipe off the dessert bar packed in a customized to-go boxes or a cute jar of Southern Caramels (these are no joke AMAZING and better yet locally made by one of the sweetest people we know!).

Wedding Favors

Photo provided by Southern Caramel

Another local favorite are the chocolate covered potato chips from Grimaldi Candies, these bring back so many childhood memories for us!

Wedding Favors

*Full disclosure we were not upset to grab a box of these for this post…and they may have been eaten before it was posted! All in the name of research of course!

Honey and jams are staples that every kitchen has and there are plenty of local options to choose from. Make a personalized sticker or even attach an escort card onto each jar and voila!

Wedding Favors

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Nix the candy bar and opt for a fruit bar! We are situated between some of the best citrus groves and are lucky enough to have easy access to all that they have to offer! Treat your guests to a true taste of Florida with a variety of citrus to take home with them.

Drinks – YES! Mini champagne bottles have to be our favorite for obvious reasons but there are other options here too. Airline liquor bottles paired with a mini can of soda (this works wonderfully if your go to drink is a rum & coke!) give your guests a mixed drink to go. Just keep in mind the age of your guests – if you have the under 21 crowd in attendance you may want to stick to food!

Wedding Favor

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Do you like the idea of the drinks but alcohol isn’t in your wheelhouse? Check out Indian River Coffee Co. for small bags of coffee beans for your guests to enjoy at home.

Non edibles – Serving bottled or caned beer during the reception? Koozies are always a win in the wedding favor department. It’s practical during the evening and for many outings to come. Personalize these with a catchy phrase, your names and wedding date and they will be sure to stay out of the trash after the big day!

Wedding Favors

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Does being at Up the Creek with all of our oak trees have you thinking green? Send your guests home with a wedding favor they can plant or something green they can keep around their house.

Wedding Favors at Up the Creek Farms

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Handmade candles are another great option. Just keep in mind the cost and time that goes into this. If you have never done this before it may not be the ideal time to try your hand at candle making. Keep the scents light and tie them into the season or theme. We have had bourbon scented candles from a past couple that bring back great memories of their wedding!

Wedding Favors

Photo by Kati Rosado

If none of this is striking a cord with you don’t worry. We promise that your guests will not pick up and leave if a wedding favor is not presented to them by they time dinner comes out! Instead of the traditional favor think outside the coasters and keychains. Invest that money into an experience at the wedding; a killer photo booth, caricature artist, cigar bar or a killer after party! A handwritten thank you note after the wedding (even if no gift was received) is by far the best way to show your gratitude for their presence. Grab a pen and get to writing!




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