What to Pack

When planning a wedding there are many big ticket items that are thought out and planned well in advance. The venue, food, dress and entertainment are on that list! What to pack in your bag to bring the day of the wedding can be a bit of an after thought. After chatting with Lisa (the namesake behind Lisa Marshall Photography and a regular at Up the Creek Farms) we came up with a handy list of what to pack for the hours before your wedding. This list focuses on the little things that will bring the details of your day to life. Your photographer will thank you when they see these things ready and waiting for them!

Wedding ring boxes

  • Invitation (2 full suites + save the date): This will allow your photographer to shoot front and back of the invitation at the same time. They will be able to capture all of the beautiful script and details you diligently crafted! This is the first glimpse of the wedding that your guests see so why not let it have a little time behind the lens. *Depending on time your photographer may ask to take these so they can shoot them at their studio.

Invitation Suite

  • Hanger for the wedding dress + veil: Not that we don’t love the plastic hangers that dresses come on…ok we are lying, yes they serve a purpose for transporting but that is where the appreciation for them ends! The “photo” hanger does not need to be anything extravagant just something that is not the plastic hanger! We love the look of antique brass hangers or wooden hangers. *Tip: make sure it has divots on the arms so your dress will stay put!

Wedding Dress Hangers

  • Cuttings from the dress: Chances are the dress needed some alterations along the way. Ask your seamstress to save any of the trimmings or cuttings from the dress. They can be used to style with the invitations or rings. It is a nice little touch that is often overlooked.

wedding invitation

  • Greens & florals: Ask your florist to set aside a few loose greens and flowers when they deliver your bouquet. These pair perfectly with the trimmings of the dress to help enhance and style the detail shots.

  • Personalized Tidbits: Coozies, matchboxes, programs, guest favors. Anything that you have ordered special for the day. These are little things that tell more of the story of the day and are helpful to have all in the same place!

  • Jewelry: Any thing that sparkles or has sentimental value. Earrings, necklaces,  bracelets, BOTH WEDDING BANDS!!, engagement ring, cufflinks, watches – all of it! *Tip: have ALL (both wedding bands & engagement ring) together along with any ring boxes before your photographer arrives.

Wedding day details

  • Perfume & lipstick: If you have a signature scent or lipstick pack that as well. Not only will you smell amazing but it will enhance the story!


  • Garters: If you decide to indulge this tradition they will more than likely come in a set of two – one to toss and one to keep.


  • Shoes: If you are planning to switch shoes from the ceremony to reception make sure to have them both in the bridal suite. *Tip: Pack all of the small items (jewelry, invitations, garters, perfume) in the shoebox. It keeps all those important details in one place and easy to find!

  • Vows: Did you write your own vows? You can never have too many copies on hand! If you have them in vow books have them ready in the shoe box for your photographer to use.

Wedding vow books

  • Gifts/Cards: Giving out gifts to your bridal party, parents or future spouse on your wedding day? Make sure they make it into the bag too!

Bridal Party GiftsAND

  • Snacks: Think of weddings as a marathon, not a sprint! Have some easy to eat snacks on hand, no one wants to be hangry on their wedding day!
  • Overnight Bag: Be sure to pack what you will need for the wedding night in a separate bag. This will make it easy to grab and go after your grand exit!

– Thank you to Lisa Marshall for the beautiful detail photographs and packing help! –

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