Alex + Dylan

A Whimsical Bohemian Wedding

Alex and Dylan wanted their wedding to reflect their love story- whimsical, romantic, lively and genuine. Despite the rain that couldn’t make up its mind that day, they successfully made their whimsical bohemian wedding vision come to life, celebrating with friends and loved ones.

rainy day outdoor wedding ceremony at up the creek farms
Bohemian bride with flower crown, lace dress and pale blue bridesmaids
Whimsical bride being carried at up the creek farms

Tell us the story and inspiration behind your wedding.

Dylan wanted something simple. He was so sweet to come to all the planning meetings but truly wanted whatever I wanted. We got legally married three days before so the pressure was off and we could just celebrate and party!

Brevard County bride at up the creek farms with low hair bun and open lace back wedding dress

I thought I had a clear vision of everything, but as I started planning, dress shopping and looking at vendors/venues, I went with what resonated with me. For instance, I had such different ideas in mind for my dress but as soon as I tried on long sleeves, I knew that was the style for me.

I envisioned having mystical, vintage and authentic photos which I think came through with our photographer and her editing style. We wanted to celebrate our love and the love that inspired us. ( i.e. parents, grandparents, married friends) I think the biggest moment for us was our vows. We have different spiritual backgrounds and ways of communicating our love to each other. So we felt it was important for us to convey our promises to each other in our own unique ways.

Whimsical bohemian wedding ceremony at up the creek farms with pipe and drape arbor
Whimsical boho inspired wedding photo at up the creek farms

What were the reasons you chose Up the Creek Farms for your wedding?

The location was fabulous with those beautiful mossy oak trees – it couldn’t get more romantic. I loved having the Decklan house to get ready in before. Since I was planning from Virginia, the all-inclusive package made things so much easier to seamlessly plan. I trusted the UTCF team too, knowing they were the experts at what they were doing. And they did not disappoint!

Rainy day wedding photography featuring whimsical bohemian couple
Brevard county rustic bohemian wedding invitations with greenery illustrations
Olivia Bowen bridal wedding dress with open lace back and ribbon tie
outdoor ceremony with pipe and drape arbor, rustic lanterns and bohemian florals

I also loved having someone I knew as my planner! The team at UTCF was fabulous, but it was comforting to have my old volleyball pal help me plan my wedding. Everyone was very responsive to my mom and me during the whole process. It was close to my hometown of Melbourne, which was easy for family to get to as well.

What were the personal details of the wedding that are a great reflection of you as a couple?

I think you see us laughing a lot in the photos, mostly Dylan making me laugh. That sums up our relationship a lot. Some guests told us that they felt the Holy Spirit at our wedding which truly meant the world to me. It’s pretty powerful having friends and family tell you that they can see God’s love in your own. We wanted beautiful neutrals, greens, and blues for the floral which was executed perfectly.

Bohemian bride in brevard county with rustic flower crown and textured boho bouquet
Funky bohemian sweetheart table design with eucalyptus and tropical white flowers
Rustic bohemian farmhouse tablescapes with succulent party favors at up the creek farms

We love music and dancing, so we spent the most time picking out the songs for our walks down the aisle, ceremony recessional, entrance, and first dance. All of our friends know we are the biggest dancers ever, so it was important to have ample time on the dance floor. As soon as it opened up, I never got off! The late-night music choice really summed up our idea of a good time!

brevard county sweetheart table with bohemian couple and whimsical flowers

Memories, moments and stories about the day you would like to share

Our guest and videographer, Josh, pulled us outside to film us saying our vows to each other outside of the barn doors. It was so special having that intimate moment during such a beautifully chaotic day.

Each first dance was memorable, especially with my dad. He had tried to de-sensitize himself by listening to that song a lot but it didn’t help. We both still bawled as evidenced in the photos! He told he had been praying for Dylan for 25 years in his speech which was really special to me.

Other wedding highlights: My brother catching the garter, his girlfriend catching the bouquet (the latter was planned) and Dylan mildly head butting me during this!

What advice would you give to future Up the Creek Couples?

Enjoy every single moment! Throughout the weekend, Dylan and I had a signal. We would twist the ring on our left finger to let the other know we need a minute or two for each other. It happened during the rehearsal dinner and a few times at the wedding. It helped us stay in the moment, acknowledge each other, and stay present in our love. The best advice given to me was to expect mistakes and something to go wrong that day. With that much planned, there’s bound to be something that doesn’t go right. It makes the wedding real and memories meaningful. Embrace whatever that blunder might be!

up the creek farms coordinator helping couple on rainy wedding day

What was the most important lesson you learned while planning your wedding?

What is suppose to happen, will, and what is not suppose to happen, will not. It’s one day, subject to weather, 100+ different people, etc, and there’s only so much you can plan for. The important thing is you’re marrying your best friend! I learned to trust the experts, trust God and focus on the fact that we got married with our closest loved ones there to cheer us on.

picture perfect rainy outdoor wedding ceremony at up the creek farms in brevard county

Thank you to the amazing vendors who helped make this day possible:

Shannon Lee Miller Photography, Up the Creek Farms Florals. Executive Catering, Blue Skies Entertainment, In 2 Your Beauty HMUA, Olivia Bowen Bridal