Allison + Cory

Cocktail Style Relaxed Wedding

Outdoor wedding ceremony in Brevard County with mirrored welcome sign and vintage whiskey barrel

From the beginning, Allison & Cory had an incredible vision for how they wanted their wedding to pan out. Forgoing some standard traditions and creating an atmosphere where all their guests could spend quality time together in celebration WITH them was a top priority. Between the open seating, high top dinner tables, and live band, Allison and Cory did more than achieve the vision they desired for their relaxed cocktail style wedding reception! We loved celebrating with them exactly one year ago today!

What was the overall theme for your wedding?

We didn’t have a theme per se, but we wanted our wedding day to focus on people mingling, celebrating, and dancing so we outlined the day in a way that maximized the opportunities for guests to do that. We wanted the wedding and reception to feel laid-back and unstructured so that everyone could spend the day in the way that they’d most enjoy.

Wedding dress hanging in the bridal suite at the Decklan house at Up The Creek Farms
White bridal high heels with Swarovski crystal heel accents
Bride and her mom getting ready in the bridal suite of the Decklan House at Up The Creek Farms
First look featuring a brevard county bride at Up The Creek Farms' Decklan house wraparound porch
Wedding band and engagement ring photography
Brevard County bride walking downstairs in the decklan house with flower bouquet

What were the reasons you chose Up the Creek Farms for your wedding?

We knew we wanted to have our wedding in Florida where Cory was stationed with the Air Force and the place that had become our home, but we didn’t want the typical Florida beach wedding. UTCF was the first and last venue we looked at because it was absolutely perfect. It’s stunningly beautiful with the large, mossy oaks and each part of the grounds, Decklan house, and boat house struck the right balance of beauty with a relaxed rustic feel, without being kitsch. And since most of our guests were traveling from out of town, we wanted the ceremony and reception to be in the same location to eliminate any logistical issues for our guests. We also loved that UTCF was going to be so “hands on”, offering a coordinator throughout the process. You can’t put a price on the guidance and support that was offered!

Antique crate decor doubles as a card display alongside vintage whiskey barrel in this rustic outdoor ceremony
Wooden Arbor with white drapery and white florals at Up The Creek Farms
blue cypress bluegrass live band for brevard county wedding ceremony

Tell us the story and inspiration behind your wedding

Soon after we got engaged, Cory and I sat down and listed out the top adjectives we wanted to describe our wedding day. We landed on “fun, relaxed, casual, upbeat, personal, and happy”. We aligned on what we would prioritize (music, open bar, relaxed atmosphere, etc.) and decided what was less important to us (typical wedding traditions, formal dinner, etc.). We wanted people to walk away from that day feeling like it was a true reflection of our interests and personality as a couple, not necessarily a day that checked all of the traditional “wedding boxes.” Our vision of the ideal wedding day was to minimize our guests’ focus and attention ON us and instead maximized time guests would spend WITH us, and each other. All of our decisions and choices were grounded in this idea. To achieve that, we decided to forego some of the typical traditions – like assigned seating, a sit-down dinner, and toasts / speeches, and instead opted for a relaxed cocktail-style wedding reception where everyone could feel free to eat, drink, mingle, and dance whenever they wanted, without a set schedule.

Cocktail hour featuring lawn games at the boathouse at Up The Creek Farms
Tiny whiskey bottle wedding favors at rustic wedding at Up The Creek Farms
Guestbook display on rustic tabletop at Up The Creek Farms
Vintage regency style lounge set featuring pink velvet sofa and floral side chairs with cream ottoman
crystal and crates Jameson Irish whiskey barrel cooler wedding ceremony prop
Bride and groom entrance featuring greenery at the boathouse at Up The Creek Farms
Cocktail hour lounge set display featuring vintage furniture rentals and gold frame hanging installation
non-traditional open seating relaxed cocktail style wedding reception

Memories, moments and stories about the day you would like to share

It’s hard to choose one particular moment because it was all so wonderful! But one of our favorite moments was while we were taking pictures post-ceremony during cocktail hour, it was SO FUN to look around and see everyone mingling and drinking and enjoying the blue grass band. Even though it was December, it was unseasonably hot (high 80s!) and sunny, and everyone seemed to be loving the gorgeous venue and warm weather. It all turned out even better than we expected! Our favorite sentimental moment was dancing to our first dance song (Harvest Moon by Neil Young) again at the end of the night. So glad UTCF recommended this. We still dance to this song every Sunday night – it’s become our weekly tradition.

What advice would you give to future Up the Creek Couples?

We heard from so many people that your wedding day goes by in a flash and that it’s often hard to stick together. We made a mental note before our day that we would try, as much as possible, to be TOGETHER on our wedding… whether it was talking with guests, eating dinner, or dancing, we made a point to do it together (rather than getting pulled in different directions). Other advice…don’t feel pressured to check the boxes of what you think a wedding SHOULD be; instead make the wedding day what you want it to be. And trust the folks at UTCF to help you make that vision a reality. Lastly, in order for things to look effortless, you have to think about the details. Even though we wanted the day to appear relaxed and casual, a lot of time and energy went into thinking about the details of HOW to create that environment. It doesn’t always happen naturally so you have to be intentional with your choices and the details on the front end to make sure the day turns out just like you envisioned.

Bridal hair inspiration featuring crystal floral hair clips

Thank you to all the vendors who helped make this day possible:

Lisa Marshall Photography  || Buds Etc. Floral || Greet Turtle Catering || Crystal and Crates Vintage Rentals || Wedding Planning by Up the Creek Farms|| Hair and Makeup by In 2 Your Beauty Make Up Artistry || Dress from Olivia Bowen Bridal  || Live Music by Hot Pink and Blue Cypress Bluegrass Band || Transportation by BTM Coach