10 Adorable Ways to Have Your Dog In Your Wedding

Paying Homage To Your Favorite Pooch

Bumby Photography

If you’re anything like us, you treat your four-legged friends like family. So what better way to pay tribute to your best furry friend than to incorporate them in one of the most important days of your life? From stunning custom made signs to cute wedding decor, we’re showing you 10 adorable ways to have your dog in your wedding. Scroll below to see how you and yours truly can pay homage to your favorite pooch!

1. Cocktail Napkins

custom dog illustrated cocktail napkins
Christina Craddock Photography

Custom napkins with an illustration of your canines is a unique way to add them into your cocktail hour decor.

2. Cake Topper

custom made couple with dogs cake topper
Shellshot Visuals

We love how realistic this cake topper was. And what a cute way to give guests a portrait of your real life at home with your pooches!

3. Signature Cocktails

custom made dog bar menu with signature drinks
Bumby Photography

Custom cocktail menus are a cool way to get guests to try new drink ideas and naming them after your dogs gives it a personal touch.

4. Cute Family Photo Op

first looks with your dogs
Bumby Photography

First looks are a favorite among modern day couples. Since Up The Creek Farms allows dogs, it’s easy to include them in your wedding day photos.

first look wedding dog portraits
Lisa Marshall Photography

5. Canine Charity

dog charity sign instead of wedding favors
Jessica Bellinger Photography

This couple decided to swap the wedding favors for a donation to their favorite animal charity – a nice way to show guests you give back.

6. Funny Cardboard Cutout

giant custom dog cardboard cutout for wedding reception
Lisa Marshall Photography

Who doesn’t love a good gag on such a serious day? This giant cardboard dog cutout was just as showstopping as the reception decor.

7. Custom Bar Menu

custom bar sign with your dogs illustration
Lisa Marshall Photography

Make sure your dog is a big part of your special day by including them on wedding signs that stand out.

8. Part of the Wedding Processional 

bulldog in a bow tie walking down the aisle
Kristen Weaver Photography

While not always ideal for some pet owners, we can’t think of a better way to have a wedding than with your own dogs walking down the aisle!

dogs as part of the wedding ceremony processional
Liz Cowie Photography

9. Greenery Wreath Collar

Michelle Jobe Photography

A wreath of greenery and this handsome guy is ready for his wedding day debut.

10. Wedding Sign Holder

Lisa Marshall Photography

It’s common to have your cutest kids incorporated into the ceremony by having them hold a sign but this little dog is just as adorable!

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