Wedding Day Pranks

April Fools’ Day At Up The Creek Farms

Tara Koenke Photography

Yes, it’s April Fools’ Day so we are giving you Up the Creek Farms’ favorite wedding day pranks! Unless you know that the bride and groom are into some laughs on their big day it might be better to use these as a good read rather than putting them to the test!

Feeling a Bit Snug?

Change out the groom’s wonderfully fitted wedding day attire for something that’s three sizes too small (OF COURSE have the correct size for him to change into!). Watch him squeeze into the small suit and try not to laugh when his sleeves come up to his elbows!

Ardensea Photography

You Brought a Ring Pop!? 

Besides a great speech the biggest job the best man has is not to lose the bride’s wedding ring. Some best men will pat at their pockets pretending to look for the ring and get a half-hearted giggle from guests. But imagine the laughter when he nonchalantly hands over a ring pop! As with all wedding day pranks PLEASE – PLEASE – PLEASE don’t forget the real ring!

Tara Koenke Photography

Help Me 

If the bride and groom are kneeling at any point during the ceremony this is the prank to use! However, be prepared to hear that you ruined their wedding photos (a photographer with some great editing skills should be able to get you off the hook, but might want to check beforehand). Grab the bride or groom’s shoes and put HELP on one sole and ME on the other. When they kneel during the ceremony it will look like they are sending out an S.O.S and is sure to get a laugh!

Sara Ozim Photography

Rubber Chicken Anyone?

This one will get all the single ladies scrambling! When the bride goes to throw her bouquet have her hold a rubber chicken and toss that instead of flowers. Everyone will get a good laugh as the ladies are jumping at a chance to grab the chicken! Who knows, maybe the chicken will bring the catcher a bounty of fresh eggs!

Sara Ozim Photography

Remember, know the crowd before you do a wedding day prank. You don’t want to be excluded from future events! Have great pranks of your own, like us on Facebook and share away!

Happy April Fools from UTCF!