Stay True to You: Chances are you have a vision and personal style that should be honored for your event. Out favorite UTCF weddings have honored the couple’s joint interest and personalities, while be mindful of the guests’ experience. Up the Creek Farms lends itself as a blank canvas for your wedding – its up to you to embellish and customize!

Photo by Ledia Tashi


 Prioritize: The planning process should be enjoyable as the event itself! The task of creating a budget can be intimidating but is a very important step in planning a successful event. Once your budget has been established, start to prioritize what’s most important to you. It could be your photographer, floral design, or how many guests you plan on inviting. Considering these other elements and build them into your budget.

Photo by Kati Rosado


 Don’t Procrastinate: Take a few weeks to enjoy being engaged of course, but make sure you leave enough time to hash out all the wedding details. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Up the Creek Farms wedding flowers

Photo by Liz Cowie


 Hire Professionals: Fun, successful, stress-free events are built upon a foundation of client-vendor trust. Select vendors who are kind, helpful, and passionate about their work. We’ve put together a preferred vendor list, ultimately to help guide you through an otherwise challenging selection process. We work as a team and want you to enjoy your wedding day.

wedding decor

Photo by Kati Rosado


 Be present in each moment: You’ve investing your countless hours of time, energy and resources into and event – when the big day arrives, make sure you live in the moment. A common observation from couples is that the event goes by in a flash! Encourage your guests to remain present by requesting an unplugged ceremony. Remember you’ve hired a professional photographer and want them to take the best possible photos without any obstacles.

wedding ceremony

Photo by Jessica Bordner