12.30.16 Rachael + Willem

Wednesday, 21 June 2017 by

“Elegance is not catching somebody’s eyes, it’s staying in somebody’s memory.” ~Giorgio Armani When we think of the final weeks of the calendar year, we often think of elegance. The sparkle of holiday decor, the flicker & glimmer of candelight, the glitz & glam of New Years Eve. From drinks to fashion, the season is

☀  ☀  ☀ Need a dose of love, sunshine, happiness, and sunflowers after the so many recent gloomy rain storms? While we are thankful for the much needed rain here in Central Florida, we at least need some sunshine for the soul! On the blog today we’ve got Baylie & Cory’s sunny 9.16.16 Wedding –

1.15.17 Jessica + Jason

Wednesday, 31 May 2017 by

When you book a wedding here at Up the Creek Farms, you become part of our family! It is not just a one-day celebration that we will, together, be involved in – it’s fun months of planning & enjoying the engagement life! We were lucky to have gotten to know Bride & Groom Jessica &

10.21.16 Ricki + David

Saturday, 13 May 2017 by

Best Day Ever Ricki & David’s Wedding Day 10 ♥ 21 ♥ 16 We’ve got quite the recipe on the blog today. One that Ricki & David, newly Mr. & Mrs., followed for a perfect outcome on October 21, 2016. This is the recipe for the Best Day Ever! Ingredients: 3 Beautiful Bridesmaids (Add a cute Flower

There is an endless amount of choices to make when planning a wedding. The number of vendors chosen adds up quickly as you plan the food, décor, and entertainment. You hire a team of creative & talented individuals to assist you in hosting the best celebration of your life. Photographers & Videographers are the teammates

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12.9.16 Megan + Michael

Wednesday, 26 April 2017 by

Wedding Dress: Noun \ wed·ding dress \ˈwe-diŋ ˈdres\ An unforgettable garment that is far beyond a piece of clothing; a dress a girl dreams of (often from a young age); what a bride will wear on the day she begins a lifelong commitment with her soulmate; an outfit fit to make a lady feel like

10.23.16 Deanna + Matthew

Thursday, 06 April 2017 by

After a couple days of rain sprinkles here in central Florida, we are bringing some sun to the blog! The Sunflower, known as a symbol of adoration, loyalty, faith, and longevity, is certainly one happy-go-lucky flower. They always follow the light. Sunflowers move to face the sun directly as it drifts across the sky each

Remember the adorable couple, Ana & Josh, featured earlier this year in our blog? These two danced a sweet number after exchanging vows here at Up the Creek Farms. Today we are excited to share with you our next edition of “Reel” Weddings: a video including clips of Ana & Josh’s wedding! The video, by

9.17.16 Brianne + Kevin

Wednesday, 22 March 2017 by

So we don’t mean to brag, but this past weekend we got tagged as the “Cutest Ladies Room” by guests at Up the Creek Farms. It says A LOT when a woman likes a bathroom (right ladies?!), especially when it’s cute enough to take fun pictures in. Thank you to the two ladies that recently

11.11.16 Kelsey + Ryan

Wednesday, 15 March 2017 by

We adore actress Audrey Hepburn’s quote on the classy color red. And it is certain – never underestimate the power of a red lipstick! Bride Kelsey truly rocked a scarlet red lip on a beautiful fall day where she married her one-true-love, Ryan. This bride and groom have classic beauty written all over them and

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